The Data-Driven Creative Agency

Combining data analysis, design competencies and technical marketing abilities creates an environment of understanding and confidence. We work closely with our clients to deliver deep insights to drive beautiful, impactful content producing results that align with their businesses goals.

We are a Shoreditch based agency who pride ourselves on the best talent, clear communication and outstanding results. We are currently operating within a number industries with a focus on Financial Services.

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Reclaim Your Digital Audience

The Osaka Labs retained offering known as ‘Studio as a Service’ is established to allow plug and play marketing and design capabilities for any businesses without the need to build a department from the ground up.



With a deep understanding of the complexities of the financial services market and decades of experience in user-focused design and brand activation, Osaka Labs has been working with with a range of clients from the largest FS firms in the world to hungry startups looking to disrupt the way we manage day-to-day banking.


Meet (some) of the team


Sam Gormley

This is Sam. Sam is a designer, data lover, and founder of Osaka Labs. When Sam isn’t busy analysing designs in 0s and 1s, he likes to spend his time travelling and playing with cameras.


Surina Kunjiraman

Introducing Surina. Surina is a digital and content marketer often found crafting messaging fused with design to improve digital presence. She is also a florist (random).


Tyler Savin

Meet Tyler. Tyler is a multidisciplinary, perfectly balanced digital and print designer. Tyler is the guy who ensures everything created is purposeful and pretty. When he’s not makings designs, Tyler can be found creating music.


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